Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I wanted to scribble a speedy response to today’s photo challenge because I haven’t done one since I started the blog.

Also, the weather is absolutely baltic outside (Belfast speak for bitter cold) and unless I’m airlifted to somewhere more interesting I’m staying 2 inches from my trusty heater so let’s face it – I have time on my hands.

In Belfast centre there a teeny spot called the Bradbury Gallery. I love having a wander around especially because they show work by local artists. I popped in with the little ‘un last week and saw this beauty:

Look at those colours!! If you look closely it has minute beads and glitter held on by the paint. The pair of us oooohed and ahhhed for a while until I saw little fingers creeping toward the canvas. Since my bank balance on its very best day wouldn’t cover the price tag I was forced to grab my little pudding and wrestle her out of the place while she laughed like a looney! I might wait a few more years before I bring her in again….

Photo Challenge: Beloved

One of mine has to be this little cot sheet. My mum used it for my crib when I was a baby then passed it on to me and I used it to line my daughters Moses basket on many an occasion.

Although my daughter grew out of her cot several years ago it’s still one of her favourites. It’s truly special to me to watch her snuggle up on the couch with it wrapped around her knees. It has become faded over the years and has a softness than only comes through being loved over time.

Definitely one of my most cherished treasures.