Did anyone notice I missed Sharesday last week for the first time?! The horror! Holy bejebus the horror!

I doubt anyone actually noticed…I certainly didn’t cotton on until at least Sunday!

This week’s poem is a Dylan Thomas classic:

Rage against whatever might be trying to snuff your light my compadres! Should something be trying to halt your gallop, take a massive baseball bat and knock it out of the park!

Until next time, may your dreams be lovely and your corners be spider free!

Oh Lord!

Today’s Sharesday is dedicated to Alfred Lord Tennyson…

Not only was he an outstanding lyricist, he was also pretty handy when it came to penning a quote. And sure we all know how I feel about those!

And let’s not forget a few of his most famous lines:

The man was a romantic wizard who could have even melted this old eejits heart!

Happy Sharesday y’all!

Where is my mind?

Well I have been watching Alias Grace all week on Netflix and oh my holy bejeebus it is amazing!! There’s only six episodes and I only have one left…sniff…

Here’s the gist if you haven’t seen it (I’m still playing catch-up on Netflix so if it’s old news I apologise) It’s based on the true story of Grace Marks, an Irish-Canadian servant who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering her employer and his housekeeper in 1843.

In the series, a psychiatrist is sent to determine if she is insane or not. It. Is. Good.

What does this have to do with Sharesday I hear you ask? At the beginning of each episode a few lines of poetry are featured that give a hint to the true nature of what’s going on. Clever or wot??

My fave so far is this:

Emily Dickinson

This was the first time I met this poem and it just had the wow factor! I thought in just a few short lines Emily had vividly captured the descent into madness. Something about it resonated with me (I have to say I’m not too shocked). But hey ho that’s just my interpretation, maybe you have a different perspective? If so, sure let me know because I am loving this verse, it’s going in the permanent collection.

It also reminded me of that classic Pixies song Where Is My Mind which ironically was played at the end of Fight Club. Another example of a protagonist losing their marbles.

Hope you like it as much as I do, now for the last episode, after which I may cry into a pillow for 4 hours in mourning….


Why not join me in a conga line?

Da da da da Sharesday! Da da da da da Sharesday!

Today’s poem is an exerpt from the Epic of Gilgamesh. For those that aren’t familiar with the poem, it was first written around 2700BC and is written about King Gilgamesh of Uruk (which is now known as Iraq).

The entire poem is about 3000 lines long and since I don’t want anyone slipping into a coma I’ve picked my favourite and probably most famous part.

Gilgamesh goes off to foreign lands in search of eternal life, but when he reaches his destination he is told he is being foolish, man is mortal and he should go home to his people:

I absolutely love this, embrace your life while you have it!

The epic features demi-Gods, immortality, death, hope and the Netherworld – it beats the hell out of Wordsworth. (Honest to God, when I was 15 if I had to read the words “I wandered lonely as a cloud” under duress one more time, I was going to go off my rocker)

The latest theme song to my life is Atmosphere – The Best Day – that chorus is mighty infectious! I’ve been boogying around to it all week!

I’m off to do another few laps of the living room… *exits stage left doing the moonwalk*

Forgetful me….

Well didn’t I nearly forget it’s that day of the week again?? Heaven forbid! I nearly ruined everyone’s weekend! *snorts tea down her nose*

Today is the start of the Easter holidays! Yahoo! Nothing but lie-ins for me and sausage with pancakes in bed for my mini-me! I tell ya, our life is hard, I really don’t know how we cope.

In keeping with yesterday’s love theme I have chosen one of my favourite love poems. It’s featured in a well known movie – 10 points to whoever can tell which one?

Another for VAK – I had to quickly brush up on my ornithology skills to find something worthy!


Well! Do I have a co-inky-dink to share today?! A while ago I posted the The Walking List which featured:

Sublist of Possible Walking Attire

1 A scuba suit.

2 Your pyjamas.

3 A fireman’s helmet and batman mask.

4 The Indians costume from The Village People.

5 Your birthday suit and a smile.

Well! Just yesterday while pottering round my local park, lo and behold, what should I see but 3 fine strapping gents following my fashion advice!!

Members of the Belfast branch of my fan club!

Obviously they were avid followers and not just your common or garden firemen (I’m totally omitting the fact the local bowling green was smouldering). I did a quick duck and roll into a nearby bush to avoid autographs and waited until nightfall just in case I would be accosted by adoring fans. I was afraid they would catch me taking random photos so had an “oh I’m birdwatching” spiel at the ready.

In other news, I recently kitted my house out with TiVo and Netflix. If you ever wanted to sit on your couch until your brains poured out your ear like porridge….trust me, this is the quickest route. Although it has it downfalls. I can only assume my daughter has been smuggling horror movies under her blanket. All week she has adopted a creepy throaty rasp and warned me “I will take you and bring you to my lair” while brandishing some cooking tongs. This has led to one or two musings:

  1. Obviously I’m not the parental mastermind I thought I was.
  2. Are all my internal locks secure?
  3. Does the Catholic Church deploy exorcists if you haven’t been to mass since 1991?
  4. Is it wrong to barricade an ‘under 10’ in her own room?
  5. How many hours can the human body function without sleep due to an unhinged child??

In an effort not to contemplate my demise I’ll move swiftly on…

One of my favourite blogs is The Free Will Blogger, he wrote a post the other day about parenting styles. Following on his heels I chose this poem for today…it been one of my mum’s favourites for years, which quite frankly, explains a lot.

Walk All Over Cancer update:

• Steps walked so far today: 1,260

• Steps walked so far this week: 1,260

• Steps to walk by Wednesday: 68,740

• Today’s walking weather: Belfast is still a slow starter on the Spring front. Got a few beautiful days but obviously the Weather found the effort overwhelming so now it’s dull again. Ho hum.

• Other information: Fell short of last weeks goals by about 15,000 steps thanks to Paddy’s day and the hangover that followed. I can only try, try and try again!

One more day till the weekend….

Ahoy my fellow humans!! Come aboard good friends, come aboard….

Well I’ll be honest, I got a bit of bleughy news this week so I’m not my usual self. Nothing terrible, just my little bubble has been temporarily upsetified. I’ll fill you in at a later date (or may not, I’m a fickle ‘oul cuddy that way).

On the bright side though, the Universe has a beautiful way of keeping the balance…tomorrow is Friday and Saturday is St Patrick’s Day so looking forward to a bit of the old craic! This is the first St Patrick’s Day I’ve been child/work free for seven or eight years so I’ll be making it a good ‘un!

Also the Six Nations final is on Saturday which seems to turn anyone with more than 1% of Irish blood in their system into a raving lunatic (including me! I generally hate sports – but even I end up screaming “go on ya good thing ye!!!!!!” all over the bar with no shame).

Anywho I didn’t want anyone losing sleep cos I didn’t do a Sharesday (I can hear you laughing Miriam).

While I was searching for the above I came across this:

I’d heard the “master of my fate” quote before but had never read the whole thing. I thought it was so powerful.

Well that’s me signing off for the weekend, see you all when I’m back on form. Have a good ‘un x