Word Prompt: Skewed

I set myself the little task

To answer Word Prompts all through May

But there’s no chance it’s happening

Because today is Saturday!

I’m heading out and don’t have time

To fumble in my little head

Skewed’ is much to hard to rhyme

So I’ll end with ‘bumbershoot’* instead.

*actually a real word much to my flabbergastment**

**Not a real word

Word Prompt: Skewed

Word Prompt: Forest

It’s Friiiday night! I’m still hanging out with my buddy Lance who I might add is the size of a Shetland pony.

Me and my duckling brought him for a little saunter and I feared he would spot a pigeon because she would have been flying after him like a paper bag caught in an updraft!

There have been a few questions such as “could he carry me on his back?” so I’m keeping a close eye in case she sticks a saddle on him when my back’s turned…

David Attenborough: “Deep in the tropical forests of Belfast, we observe a fine specimen in his natural habitat…”

Word Prompt: Forest


Did anyone notice I missed Sharesday last week for the first time?! The horror! Holy bejebus the horror!

I doubt anyone actually noticed…I certainly didn’t cotton on until at least Sunday!

This week’s poem is a Dylan Thomas classic:

Rage against whatever might be trying to snuff your light my compadres! Should something be trying to halt your gallop, take a massive baseball bat and knock it out of the park!

Until next time, may your dreams be lovely and your corners be spider free!

Word Prompt: Rebel

Ways to rebel:

Rebel against convention

Rebel against poverty

“Stranger gives homeless man clothes on subway”

Rebel against your peers

“Girl opts for hot dog costume on princess day”

Rebel against your bra

Rebel against diets

Rebel against racism

“Stand Up To Racism March – Barnsley”

Rebel against sexism

“Suffragettes March in Nunney – 1914”

“Fathers 4 Justice March 2014”

Rebel against failure

“Hyvon Ngetich crawls to finish line in the Austin marathon”

Rebel against war

“Vietnam war protests, Philadelphia”

Rebel against illness

Rebel against homophobia

Gay Pride – London

“Christians apologise at gay pride Chicago”

Rebel against old age

“Min Bahadur Serchan, 85, climbs Everest”

Rebel against Rebel

Word Prompt: Rebel