Word Prompt: Skewed

I set myself the little task

To answer Word Prompts all through May

But there’s no chance it’s happening

Because today is Saturday!

I’m heading out and don’t have time

To fumble in my little head

Skewed’ is much to hard to rhyme

So I’ll end with ‘bumbershoot’* instead.

*actually a real word much to my flabbergastment**

**Not a real word

Word Prompt: Skewed

Published by

An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

13 thoughts on “Word Prompt: Skewed”

  1. You’d have to be crude and horribly lewd to find a rhyme that goes with skewed
    If you were a dude, you’d think of food, pavement pizza, fluorescently hued.
    If you were a Beatle, you’d sing hey Jude
    But that would severely kill the mood.
    If you were Miley you’d be skewed in the nude
    Very unpretty like pre chewed food.
    Now that’s put me off so I’ll stop being rude!!

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  2. “Flabbergastment” I like that.
    I command you for trying to do prompts every day. I don’t think I could do it.
    Hope you enjoy it and get even more of your creative juices flowing, though.


  3. One of the dogs talks about a ‘bumbershoot’ in ‘The Aristocats’ (which I now know intimately). I assumed it was an Americanism for a parachute (since he’s referring to an umbrella), but I actually have no idea. What actually is it??
    P.s. I like your style 😉


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