A Noble Death

Strewn across the battlefield

Scores of soldiers now lie dead

They fought bravely, undeterred

For the cause, their blood they shed.

Now lifeless but not forgot

Their bodies lie, wet and cold

How many tissues gave their lives

For my daughter’s runny nose?

Published by

An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

23 thoughts on “A Noble Death”

          1. Don’t you love that? I had a few of my favorite bloggers suddenly disappear and when I searched my list they had been unfollowed. I was super mad about that let me tell you. Now once a week I scroll through to make sure everyone is still there. Especially if I don’t see posts from them for awhile.

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                  1. 😂😂😂😂I would give anything to abdicate the adult roll. My bff tried to hand her resignation in today and I had to burst her bubble. And there are times when my teenage self raises her head and says wtf? When did this haplen to us? 😱😂😂

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                    1. Me too, it normally happens when I catch a grey hair! I just grab the tweezers and sing lalala not listening not listening!!!! I’m semi sensible during the week but when my babe heads off to her dads I’m off the clock


                    2. Oh I’m a great believer in denial, if you reiterate something enough people start to believe it. Throw a bit of indignation in for good measure, it should push them over the edge: “well Mrs blah blah said it was lovely, I should never have paid so much….” then go straight for the jugular with the sympathy vote…


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