3 Days, 3 Quotes – Day 3

So it’s the last day of my quote challenge…booooo!

A mahoosive thank you to A Guy Called Bloke for the nomination!

The rules are simple:

1. Thank the person who nominates you.

2. Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days.

3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Since I’m a bit of a film nut I’ve decided to stick with the movie theme.


One day at a time…

Our Little Red House


I know I’m renominating some people but this is a fun one! However no need to take part if you don’t want to!

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13 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes – Day 3”

  1. Great quotes again, and thanks for nominating me. I will have to try to get to that later. Maybe ask my son to join in for fun since he is off from school. The teachers in our state are on strike at the moment, they are calling it a walk out. No school until their demands are answered, which involves money. There are tons of parents at the moment scrambling to find cheap child care and trying to figure out what to do with all these little kids that would normally be in a classroom. My son is in High School so it doesn’t really affect us because he is old enough to be on his own but he still needs that diploma and the senior class will have to make up days after this strike. I have finally gotten around to the lovely blog award which will be posted Saturday, thanks again for that one as well.

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    1. Shocking! I understand teachers standing up for themselves but as a stay at home mum I forget sometimes about the working parent. It must be awful trying to find childcare. I hope they resolve it soon, since it’s not fair to the kids that will have to catch up. Fingers crossed 🤞

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      1. There are a lot of very unhappy parents in our state at the moment. We still have charter and private schools running but public schools are closed down, which is very shocking. The streets were very quiet this morning in our city, no school buses or parents dropping off kids on the way to work.

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        1. I can’t imagine. Here the majority of kids go to public schools, I actually have no friends who went to a private one they’re so uncommon. Our school systems are so different. What do parents think should be happening? I mean are they unhappy with the teachers or the government?


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