Word Prompt: Parallel

(I know this was yesterday’s prompt but my Brain took a day off)

All The Mes

Out there in the multiverse

There’s more of Me oblivious

That someplace running parallel

There’s a million trillion more of us.

A Me plays with her voodoo doll

Somewhere down in New Orleans

Revenging on a cheating love

Delighting in his anguished screams.

A Me is eight and 4 feet tall

With scabby knees she picks her nose

Barefoot on grass, a summers eve

Her face alive with youthful glow.

A Me is locked up doing time

Her spouse found fault with how she cooks

She beat him senseless years ago

With her favourite hard back book.

A Me heads on an expedition

To find the pool of life eternal

Avoids the jaws of fearsome beasts

In terrifying lands infernal.

A centaur Me stomps her hooves

She draws her sword gives a nod

Her army of ten thousand hybrids

Gallop forth to slay the Gods.

A Me comes crashing down upon

A planet, her ship blew a fuse

A clan of local cannibals

Chop her up into a stew.

A Me is 98 years old

Filled with hatred, she abhors

Snow White and her band of men

She ain’t she fairest anymore.

A Me encountered one of I

She made a hole in time and space

To fix the fault, the Universe

Dissolved them both without a trace.

A Me can teleport through walls

She burgles banks and jewellery stores

She has a mansion in Bel Air

With peacocks, swans and maids galore.

A Me is a courageous knight

She killed the dragon for the girl

But when she scales the tower wall

Another guy had got there first.

A Me amid the Suffragettes

For rights, we march upon the streets

Devoted, I am unaware

We’ve etched our place in history.

A Me chews leaves atop a tree

I’m a long necked dinosaur

Ooh what’s that shiny ball up there?

A Dino-wiping meteor.

A Me stretches wide across the sky

In colours blue and red and green

A rainbow always brings a smile

To those fortunate enough to see.

A Me works to build the pyramids

Her life a tale of drudgery

Toiling’s left her broke and raw

Her skin burns and bubbles in the heat.

The Me right here sits with her babe

Awash a sea of teddy bears

End to end across the couch

The other Mes go on elsewhere.

Word Prompt: Parallel

The beautiful Kelpie painting above comes from Megan at Megan Bett Artwork.

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An Irish Procrastinator

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4 thoughts on “Word Prompt: Parallel”

  1. You’ve explained all the parallel dimensions ❤
    Oh my god! Hats up to your vivid imagination!!
    It's great to connect with you hear, I love your blogs, each and every bit of them.
    I write about books, fashion, beauty, pets and more, Do followback and be in touch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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