Captains Log 18th April

Captains log. Stardate 4525.5. I have landed on the surface of Belfastia. The population are disturbed by the presence of a large yellow orb in the sky emitting radiation. Despite my best efforts to assure them it is the Sun, they remain unconvinced.

The Belfastians appear to be a pale and anemic race, unfamiliar with exposure to solar rays. As the temperature gradually rises to 0.5 degrees on this strange, green planet, the residents abandon their clothes and assemble around a hot, metal device called a barbecue.

These are obviously not an intelligent species as the planet’s temperatures are verging on sub zero. I will continue with my mission to determine why the Belfastians are oblivious to the chilly atmosphere. They seem committed to prove their theories that ‘Spring is here’ despite all contradictory evidence. What is this mysterious Spring they speak of? I see little traces of it on the surface.

I will persevere but fear for the survival of this clearly dim witted species.

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An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

7 thoughts on “Captains Log 18th April”

    1. Indeed fellow shipmate. Although I will contain my assumptions until I have gathered sufficient information, I feel my conclusion will be that that this planet is populated by a shower of eejits. *frantically scribbles incongruous into Big Book Of New Words Captains Must Use*

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