Word Prompt: Crank

The band does a warm up

The bassist is tuning

They strum out the first chords

The groupies are swooning

Kick off with a big hit

To crank up the crowd

The throng are all cheering

The mosh pit goes wild

The tempo is fast

We two are jumping

The drummer is sweating

The speakers are pumping

We’re caught in the current

We’re riding the crest

A thump of elation

Beats in my chest

Lead guitar does a solo

We’re screaming for more

You’re holding my hand

My spirits take flight and soar

Then comes the crescendo

In music we trust

In case you were wondering

The song is called ‘Us’

Word Prompt: Crank

Published by

An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

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