I Am More

I am more than how I look

I am more than just my past

I am more than those few pounds

That point blank will not leave my ass

I’m no longer who I was

I’m no longer what I did

Sure they’re just tired old notions

So what if sometimes I slid?

I am more than what they think

I am more than what they say

Why would I spend my short time

Fretting bout it anyway?

But I know I’m what I think

And who I aspire to be

Even if sometimes it’s simpler

To nail jelly to a tree

So I’ll just do my best

To make my little way

And when the night time comes

To be happy with my day

Like water off a duck’s back

I’ll just let the bad stuff leave

Cos it sure ain’t gonna help me

Get to where I want to be

And if sometimes I fail

Jesus, none of us are perfect

I’ll just pick myself back up

Cos I’m prepared to put the work in

And one day I‘ll get there

I’ll be who I want to be

And I’ll just keep on working

With that jelly and the tree

Sure aren’t we all just striving

To keep our heads above the water?

So just give ourselves a break

And be kinder to each other.

Surround yourself with good ones

And to hell with all the rest

Sure even all the angels

Can only do their best!

Published by

An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

8 thoughts on “I Am More”

  1. Perfect! The futility of nailing jelly to a tree makes me smile. My Mom always said, “getting teenagers to do what you need them to do is harder than nailing jelly to a tree.” Thanks for the memory jog.

    Liked by 1 person

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