Word Prompt: Invisible

Burnam was an odd young lad

Strange though it might appear

The only thing that he desired

Was to completely disappear.

He didn’t want to leave a breath

Not one footprint or a hair

He wouldn’t settle ‘till it seemed

Like he was never there.

He told his mum about his plans

“Invisible you mean?”

“No dear mum that isn’t it,

I don’t want to have been.

Don’t want to leave a thing behind

Not one memory or a notion”

She begged young Burnam to rethink

Her head all a commotion.

His poor mum’s pleas fell on deaf ears

And despite her strong resistance

Burnam set his strange mind to

Deleting his existence.

From beneath his bed one night

He snuck a pink eraser

And started to remove himself

Like scribbles on some paper.

First he started with his toes

Then right up to his knees

He found it was exhausting work

That took some elbow grease.

Soon young Burnam was all gone

Each trace it was no more

In fact the only evidence

Were pink shavings on the floor.

Just as promised mum forgot

The moment he departed

She didn’t even see the mess

When hoovering the carpets.

Word Prompt: Invisible


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An Irish Procrastinator

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