Word Prompt: Captivating

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Waiting for the door to knock,

Waiting for that wondrous day,

When Life will come lead me astray.

Waiting for my bolt of lightning,

“Hurry up man! Get to striking!”

Another hour, another second,

“….any minute now I reckon….”

Nothing…I began to fret,

Hey, I’ll admit – I broke a sweat.

I waited on, and years they passed.

One Saturday, He knocked at last!

He said “Hey girl, please lend an ear,

Trust me, your dreams won’t find you here.

You stay inside, the door is locked,

You’re watching time on that damn clock!

Life’s a banquet, full of grub,

But you’re here starving, like a mug.

Now get out there and make your way,

Go fill your boots at the buffet!

And when you trip I’ll pick you up,

(I know you’re made of hardy stuff).

Your problem is – you don’t believe,

That I’ll give you your fantasies.

Your life began some years ago

And trust me, Father Time won’t slow.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice,

So off we went, me and my Life,

In pursuit of of dreams untold,

optimistic, free and bold.

I don’t want to waste Life waiting,

I want to make Life captivating!

Word Prompt: Captivating

Published by

An Irish Procrastinator

Penitent. Irish. Faffer.

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